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Turco Landscaping and Construction's irrigation department serves three functions.  First, we monitor all our clients irrigation systems.  Second, we repair or modify our client’s irrigation systems to ensure adequate moisture for the turf and plants.  And Third, we offer irrigation system design and installation services.  In a word, we are “full-service” when it comes to all things irrigation. 


Water control is obviously a big part of landscape maintenance.  Too much or too little water can effect soil negatively by inhibiting the process of germination of seeds, prevent waterlogged roots from growing, and negatively effect soil chemistry.  


That’s why our irrigation-monitoring program involves detailed monthly wet checks by trained and experienced technicians.  Modifications are made for clogged nozzles, damaged or misaligned heads, time clock issues, leaking or malfunctioning valves, pressure issues, overspray, and changes to the landscape that results in coverage issues.    

Turco Landscaping and Construction also exclusively offers 24-hour emergency service on major irrigation issues. 

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