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Landscape Accent Lighting

With Turco Landscape and Construction designers, landscape lighting specialists work with clients to create just the right feel, from simple and subtle to bold and extraordinary. Outdoor lighting allows Turco’s clients to showcase carefully designed landscape all hours of the day. Adding a fresh dimension to your business or home in the twilight and evening hours not only brings new depth to the property and its walkways and pathways, but provides safety and security by lighting dimly lit areas.


Forms of landscape lighting include:

  • Accent or Spot Lighting focuses a controlled intense beam to highlight the focal points in your garden: flowers, small shrubs and statuary. 

  • Grazing is where a light is positioned close to an interesting surface to bring out the texture; for example, tree bark, a masonry wall, wood shingles or an attractive door. 

  • Shadowing is when an object is lit from the front and below to project intriguing shadow on the wall of other vertical surfaces.

  • Light the object from the front and below to project intriguing shadows on the wall or other vertical surfaces.

  • Silhouetting occurs when lights are concealed behind and below trees or shrubs.

  • Pool and fountain lighting creates dramatic effects in pools and fountains.

  • Downlighting or Area lighting involves mounting lights in trees or on house to cast a broad illumination over wide areas like flower beds, paths or steps.

  • Cross lighting an object by placing two or more lights from different sides reveals a three-dimensional form in a striking perspective.

  • Uplighting creates a highly dramatic effect akin to the theatre to highlight interesting trees, statues or textured walls.  

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