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Achieving a Healthy Lawn Through Irrigation

There’s no doubt that a beautiful green lawn enhances the appearance of any home. A well-planned, efficient lawn irrigation system can create that lawn, but it can also provide benefits that reach beyond appearance.

Benefits of an Irrigation System

Many homeowners aren’t aware that installing an irrigation system can actually conserve water. Automatic irrigation is more efficient than hand watering and delivers water exactly where it’s needed. An automatic sprinkler system can be programmed to turn on in the early morning or nighttime hours when evaporation is minimal. Sprinklers can be placed so that sidewalks aren’t being accidentally watered. Furthermore, most automatic systems have rain sensors that shut the system off on rainy days. The water savings is not only good for the planet, it also results in smaller water bills.

Irrigation systems also save time. Hand watering or dragging hoses and sprinklers around is fine—once in a while! Manual watering can become tedious and inconvenient, especially in the case of illness, a vacation or an extended business trip. Irrigation systems can do double duty and water trees and shrubs, too.

Another benefit of lawn irrigation is that grass grows better and stays healthier if properly watered. For instance, lawns that stay wet often experience fungal diseases. Dry lawns can develop bare patches where weeds take over. Vigorous growth, made possible by adequate watering, is a lawn’s best weapon against weeds.

Why a Professional Installer Is Best

When considering installing an irrigation system, keep in mind that an irrigation expert will likely complete the task in less time, with less damage to surrounding plants and trees. The installer knows how to account for grading and water pressure changes along the lines. He or she also knows how to select the appropriate sprinkler heads for the terrain, maximize the spray pattern, hook up the system to the water supply and prevent backflow into the drinking water supply.

A well-planned lawn irrigation system is an important step in achieving a beautiful lawn. An experienced sprinkler-system professional can create a watering system that enhances the health and appearance of not only the lawn, but also the shrubs and trees, too.

March 2018

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