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Prepare your lawn for this Spring!

When the landscape is blanketed with snow and frigid temperatures are constant, typically the only thoughts homeowners have of spring is wishing for warmer temperatures. However, besides mentally escaping the cold, these landscaping tips for February will help you to get your yard ready for the growing season of spring:

Apply Pre-Emergents. Controlling weeds before you see them is the best method of control. In warmer climates, weeds actually start to germinate in February. If left unattended, the weeds will rapidly invade your landscape. Applying a pre-emergent now and following up with a post-emergent application nearer to spring will keep weeds like dandelions at bay.

Apply Fertilizers. Applying a slow-release fertilizer provides your landscape with the right volume of nutrients at the appropriate time. Typically, around 50 percent of the active nitrogen and nutrients are released right when the fertilizer is applied. Depending on how it was formulated, the rest of it will be discharged over the next month or two when more nitrogen is needed to promote optimal growth.

Remove Plants, Shrubs and Grasses Damaged During Winter. You may need to do some pre-spring cleaning to get rid of any winter damage that has been done to your plants, shrubs and grasses. Before the start of the new growth, it is important to trim away any dead matter. Depending on the type of plant, you might need to remove all of the top parts. Getting rid of the wind-whipped or weathered matter enables new growth and a better chance for the plant to flourish when the temperatures get warmer.

You should never allow your landscape to sit idle all throughout the off-season; this will affect how it functions in the spring and beyond. With general preparedness and the help of these February landscaping tips, you can get your yard ready for a bold entry into the next season.

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February 2019

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