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Keep your lawn healthy, lawn aeration and over-seeding

There are two essential factors to keeping your lawn healthy, happy and thriving year-round: lawn aeration and over-seeding. These two lawn-enhancing services should be implemented by a professional in late summer in order to encourage healthy-growing grass throughout the year. By creating better airflow and water absorption in your lawn, grass roots get more nutrients and are able to grow deeper and stronger, which leaders to fuller, greener and more even-growing grass. Getting on a good lawn aeration and over-seeding schedule (once during the fall and once during the spring, ideally) will help ensure that your grass is healthy, thriving and beautiful.

Why Aerate in the Fall?

Over time, your lawn’s root system becomes overgrown and compacted, which creates congestion and blocks beneficial airflow, nutrients and water from reaching the depths of the soil where they’re needed the most. Creating pathways that provide better access to air and water will ensure that your lawn grows lush and green in the spring. You want to aerate your lawn in the fall in order to prepare it for the coming frost.

Why Over-Seed in the Fall?

Over-seeding is the process of planting grass seed directly into the turf or soil in order to fill in bare spots or to improve the length, thickness and density of your grass. You should follow-up your fall aeration service with over-seeding in order to make the most out of your new planting. Core aeration, a method of extracting cores of soil every few inches in the ground, can help seeds deeper penetrate the soil while ensuring that they don’t become blocked by a compacted root system, which can compromise their ability to grow.

Schedule Your Service with an Aeration Professional

We highly recommend trusting a professional with your aeration and over-seeding needs. That’s because poorly done manual aeration can be even more detrimental to your lawn than none at all, and can even cause irreparable damage to grass and soil. If you’re ready to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive year-round call or email Turco Landscaping & Construction today!

September 2018

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