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What Lawn Experts Want You to Know

Is your lawn failing to thrive? Soil compaction or excessive thatch may be the culprit. Lawn Care experts can help you deal with soil compaction and thatch by aerating your lawn.

There are three particles that comprise soil: clay, sand and silt. The way these particles are arranged determines how well soil can support plant life. Ideally, soil will have a good balance between these particles, with enough space between them to allow for good drainage, but not so much space that the soil doesn’t retain water.

Soil compaction can happen when there’s an imbalance of soil particles leaving too little space for water and minerals to penetrate through the structure. Even when soil has a healthy composition, too much pressure can cause compaction. On lawns, this pressure comes from driving vehicles across the grass, frequent foot traffic and leaving heavy objects like picnic tables, kiddie pools and pieces of moveable playground equipment on the surface too long.

Lawn thatch can also threaten the health of your lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead grass leaves and roots that doesn’t clear away quickly enough. A thin layer of thatch (about ½-inch) is good for your lawn, providing insulation in extreme weather and some padding to lessen pressure damage. Too much thatch can suffocate your grass by preventing water and nutrients from penetrating down to the roots.

Aeration can help reduce soil compaction and excessive lawn thatch. Aeration machines remove plugs of soil from your lawn. The holes they leave behind are two-to-three inches deep and spaced every few inches through the treated area. The holes aeration leaves behind punch through thatch restore necessary space into compacted soil, allowing water and minerals better penetration for a healthier lawn.

Lawn care experts recommend breaking down the soil plugs to prolong the benefits of aeration. Aeration also works best when the lawn has been watered or rained-on the day before treatment.

Contact Turco Landscaping and Construction to determine if aeration is the best option for your lawn. It can be performed quickly and efficiently and help make your yard the greener side of the fence.  

June 2018

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